Cherry and Chocolate Fudge Bars

Five layers of absolute bliss - crumb, fudge, cherries, more crumb, and chocolate. All baked in one pan, cut, cooled, and enjoyed with cold glass of milk!  | @littlebroken

Hope you guys had a fun and safe 4th of July yesterday! We ate too much, stayed out too late, and today paid the price. When you have a little two month old at home there’s no way around it. Something always goes…in our case it was the sleep. So today has been very much heavily caffeinated long day with plenty of glazed donuts (courtesy of my hubby) and plenty of chocolate. Not my typical food groups but some days you just gotta.

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Garlic shrimp skewers made with ton of garlic, red pepper flakes, and paprika. Serve with fresh cilantro pesto. Super quick and easy meal | @littlebroken

Garlic Shrimp Skewers with Cilantro Pesto

Hi friends! This weekend is 4th of July and it’s usually the highlight of the summer for us. We always go big for the 4th, whether with a party, trip, or food. It’s always memorable regardless of how we celebrate and this year is going to be no different. We’re looking forward to spending time…

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Sweet and spicy rice with crushed pineapple and red pepper flakes. Easy and delicious side dish to any entree | @littlebroken

Pineapple Rice

Tropical, sweet, savory, spicy, and absolutely delicious. That’s what this rice is all about. If you’re not a fan of rice wait till you try this one! It’s packed with simple fresh flavors of the summer that give ol’ boring rice so much flavor with a nice spicy kick! It reminds me of a fruity…

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Perfect summer salad of juicy watermelon, crunchy bread, tangy feta on a bed of peppery arugula | @littlebroken

Watermelon Panzanella

Watermelon + bread to some is probably a weird combo to me it’s nostalgia food. Not sure if it’s a Russian thing or what but growing up we always ate watermelon with bread. Sounds weird, I know but try it. It’s good. So of course, when you put watermelon, bread, and bunch of other tasty…

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Only 10 minutes to grill this super tender and moist lemon plank smoked salmon | @littlebroken

Lemon Plank-Smoked Salmon

Happy Sunday friends! Hope you guys are having a great weekend and staying cool. We are in 100% summer mode around here. It’s hot, kids are off school, and everyone seems to be a in a brighter mood. I swear sunshine is like happy medicine. It brings out the good in everyone. One of my…

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Veggie loaded tabbouleh with cauliflower instead of bulgur. Tossed in a 3 ingredient super delicious vinaigrette. Healthy vegetable side dish all the way! | @littlebroken

Cauliflower Tabbouleh

I’m giving a traditional tabbouleh salad a major make over today! Not that traditional tabbouleh needs a make over but you know how we foodies do it..always changing and switching things up for something a little different and new. At least that’s what I like to do. So, I was never a fan of tabbouleh….

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Super juicy chicken thighs grilled and topped with tomato guacamole for easy weeknight dinner |

Cilantro Lime Chicken Sliders with Tomato Guacamole

These chicken sliders guys is your next weeknight dinner. Seriously. They can not be any more easier and delicious. All from scratch, all from fresh ingredients. We love these as a light dinner with loads of healthy sides. First off, chicken thighs are the best! Can we all just agree on that? Juicy, tender and…

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