Spicy Honey Chicken and Sweet Potato Kebabs

Sweet and spicy honey glazed chicken kebabs with sweet potato chunks and sweet onions. These kebabs are a perfect combination of sweet and spicy.


If you’re a fan of chicken and sweet potatoes then I got something amazing for you. These sweet and spicy chicken potato kebabs are the most delicious combo of flavors.

Tossed in a flavorful spice mixture, grilled until juicy tender, and finished off with a sweet honey glaze. It’s kind of a meal in one without much extra effort. All you need is a simple side and you have yourself a tasty summer meal.

These chicken sweet potato kebabs are made from scratch, including the spice mix + glaze in only about 30 minutes!

You totally can use chicken breasts. My biggest tip would be to cut the breast into similar size chunks as the onions and sweet potatoes to ensure it cooks evenly.