Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls

Quick and easy vegetable rice paper rolls with the most delicious peanut dipping sauce! See how to make these in advance.


These fresh veggie rice paper rolls are bright, colorful, and absolutely delicious! Packed with fresh lettuce, avocado, cabbage, bell peppers, cucumbers, noodles, and fresh herbs.

Peanut sauce lasts in the fridge for up to a week. So you can make these rice paper spring rolls any time a craving strikes. Feel free to add less or more of any veggies you like.

These rainbow spring rolls are extremely versatile. Once you get a hang of how to roll them up, they come together in no time. See all my best tips and tricks below.

The way I like to make these in advance is by preparing all of my ingredients (cooking the noodles, slicing the veggies, and making the sauce), and keep everything refrigerated until ready to roll.