Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

Caesar pasta salad with whole wheat noodles, shredded chicken, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, almonds, and homemade Greek yogurt caesar dressing. It’s seriously so easy and simple to make!


There’s no doubt that pasta salads make the best dishes. This chicken Caesar pasta salad is easy, fresh, and a crowd-favorite. Not to mention it’s a meal in one.

It’s made with only 7-ingredients. So you can easily throw it together for picnics, potlucks, or a quick lunch.

Katya’s TIP: If your tomatoes are hard, simply leave them on your counter for a few days so they can ripen up.

Obviously this pasta salad serves delicious on its own but you can also pair it with lighter type side dishes to make it a complete meal.


Serve This Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad with: